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All About Those Straps

Hello world, and Happy Summer!

I’m going to cut to the chase. Right now, I’m obsessed with all things suspenders.

I’m not sure how this obsession came about, but let me tell you, it is real. I am so drawn to the look, and pretty much on any article of clothing: skirts, pants, shorts, or dresses. There are so many different styles out there right now, from physical suspenders attached to a garment, to pinafores and overalls making a comeback (which rocks, by the way).

Allow me to show you some of my favorites:

So Demanding Overalls (Nasty Gal)

Suspended Skater Skirt (Nasty Gal)

James Jean with Leather Suspenders (Courtshop Denim)

Chambray Overall Skirt (Urban Outfitters)

Washed Denim Overall (Free People)

Y’all get the idea.

I love the simplicity that comes with wearing a garment that speaks for itself. I would pair my suspender skirt, pinafore dress, or overalls with nothing more than a plain white t-shirt, or something similar, as to not overpower the look. But hey, that’s just me.

Until next time… Xoxo

Doctors of the World + Marchesa for Hurricane Sandy Relief

My girl Claire works for an awesome organization in New York City called Doctors of the World. They recently had Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman design her own take on the traditional “I Heart NY” t-shirt to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. Not only is the shirt fresh and elegant; 100% of proceeds go directly to Doctors of the World-USA’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Campaign. There is still so much to be done when it comes to rebuilding America’s greatest city — and you can do your part simply by buying an awesome t-shirt. Win-win.

Order yours online today for just $30! I’m about to buy my own :)

Happy 25th Birthday, RiRi!

My girl Rihanna is taking the world by storm right now. She has gotten all kinds of publicity lately — and all of it (besides her rekindled relationship with he-who-must-not-be-named, grrr) is extremely positive. She had killer performances on SNL and at the Grammys of her new, raw, emotional ballad Stay, and just released an equally raw and emotional music video to match. Her new clothing line for River Island was a hit at NYFW last week (short-shorts and crop-tops galore). She is launching a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics called RiRi Hearts MAC. AND, she is going to be on the April cover of ELLE UK.

This girl is killin’ it and I am so proud of her.


Fashion Week Scares Me

But really. In all honesty, I can’t keep up with all the hot designers. Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, BCBG… My head is already spinning. And although I’ve kept up with most of this season’s NYFW thanks to Refinery 29 (seriously, they are my saviors when Fashion Week rolls around), only one designer really popped out at me, and it’s not even the biggest name out there. But currently, I am OBSESSED with Mara Hoffman.

When I say that her designs popped out at me, I mean that literally. Nobody knows how to do loud, neon, multicolor prints quite like Mara does.

Exhibit A: Mara’s Spring 2013 Collection.

Her collection for Fall 2013 is slightly toned down with the use of darker or warmer colors, but is still 100% Mara.
(Not to mention those BOOTS. I need them in my closet NOW.)

And of course, Mara Hoffman’s bathing suits are always, ALWAYS on point. If you’re not into the whole tribal print thing, I suppose you might disagree. But I dare you to argue with me.

Someday, my entire wardrobe will be Mara Hoffman + Pamela Love (whose jewelry is seen in all of the swim suit pics). They are the perfect pair. But for now I guess I have to live with just ogling their collections online for hours on end.

But being real — Mara Hoffman is truly inspiring me to break out of my all-black-everything comfort zone. And what better season than Spring to try out funky prints and wild colors? Imma start saving my pennies now.

Award for World’s Worst Blogger goes to…

Hey y’all. I KNOW, I’m the worst blogger on the planet. Man Repeller would scoff at me for even trying to consider myself as a blogger, I’m sure.

Nevertheless, I’m back with some of my faves to share with you all!

So since I totally missed Fall and also the Holidays, I’m going to backtrack and talk about some of my personal favorite trends from those glorious seasons (yes, Holiday is a season).

First and foremost NAIL POLISH, duh. These were two of my favorite Autumn-y colors that could most definitely be worn well into Winter. Check ‘em out:

"Timeless" by Revlon

"Fashionista" by Revlon
(Those are my nails, btw. Props to me for being a perfectionist.)

I was also a huge fan of this dark jade color from Ulta that I can’t find a picture of but I was obsessed with in December. Just use your imagination and think of the best shade of rich, deep green ever. Then go to Ulta and buy it.

Moving on…

Ankle booties!!!
These bad boys were, and still are, everywhere. And I am in love. They’re the perfect combination of tough and sophisticated (especially when they have a good sized heel on them), which means you can dress them up or down effortlessly. The best part is you can find them at all price ranges, from 50 bucks or less to upwards of $500 (I am impatiently waiting for the day that I can justify dropping that much money on a single pair of shoes… Sigh).
My favorites in every price range:

Diba Elyse Bootie, $54.95 at

Nine West Chana Bootie, $99.95 at

rag&bone Harrow Boot, $495 at
(One of my coworkers has these. She must get paid a lot more than I do.)

And last but CERTAINLY not least, my absolute favorites:

The Pamela Bootie by Pamela Love for Nine West, $299
Since these gorgeous, perfect boots were a limited edition as part of Pamela Love’s collaboration with Nine West, they are no longer available. Probably for the best, because I would have seriously overdrafted my bank account splurging on those beauties.

Speaking of Pamela Love, she is my style icon nowadays (in case you were interested). She is the definition of boho-chic, but in the least lame way. She is both edgy and feminine, and of course her jewelry is incredible. Again — I am waiting for the day I can afford both her wardrobe and her beautiful creations.

I think that will sum up my first blog post of 2013 (and first blog post in 6 months, sorry world). NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: BLOG MORE. Love y’all.